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In an industry like fashion, where visual communication plays a crucial role, photography and styling tools are indispensable. For this reason , companies , editors and publishers in the industry are constantly looking for image professionals , able to communicate emotions and ideas , producing visual content loaded with emotion and passion.
The Summer School in Fashion Styling & Photography is designed to stimulate the imagination of the participant and provide students with the cultural , operational and creative research necessary for the Fashion Stylist and Fashion Photographer . The goal compose a personal " cahier " inspiration , a sort of archive of original visions and personal style , which will have its highest representation in the final shooting .
During the summer course , the student will also acquire a broad knowledge within the fashion system , developing a critical consciousness and deepening their characteristics and of the Haute Couture Street Style .


Week 1

Introduction and definition of the concept of style and styling

A historical / cultural / social concept of fashion and design, developments and influences

Locating styles fashion / design and the "Master" that have defined those codes which are still applied and interpretation.

Overview of fashion photography today, photographers and editorial publications.

Its conceptual and formal models of fashion photography
. Education in the field of view and analysis of visual perception

Literacy " fashion : the technical terms and specific language

Glossary : Definition of heads / accessories hinge , the Must Have and comparative analysis with the latest trends

Depth analysis of fashion trends and fashion shows more representative of the pret -a-porter and haute couture.

Creation and enhancement of a personal " hallmark ", a recognition similar to the process of " branding" for a brand.

History of contemporary photography through
" Great Photographers " The classic iconography and image construction in the culture of fashion
space analysis and definition of its function within the image

Week 2

How to learn how to choose a functional and timely in the vastness of the offers in the market.

How to match shapes, colors and accessories to create a personal and distinctive look.

Final Workshop : Creation and implementation of a shooting in the final photo shoot.





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